Soup of the Day
Cazuela Sudamérica 18

South American Seafood chowder

Chupe de Camaron 18

Shrimp Chowder, Green Peas, Rice, Egg, Potato and a dash of Heavy Cream

Bocaito’s Mussels 15

Sautéed in White Wine

Market Salad 10

Mixed Greens and Grilled Vegetables
Add Chicken 15
Add Shrimp 18

Ceasar Salad 10

Add Chicken 15
Add Shrimp 18

Greek Salad 15

Romaine Lettuce, Red and Green Peppers, Feta Cheese and Black Olives


Ceviche Mixto a La Diabla 18

Clams, Mussels, Shrimp, Octopus in a Spicy Aji* Mojo

Ceviche de Pulpo 18

Fresh Octopus in Lime Juice with Red Onions and Tomatoes

Ceviche de Camaron 15

Fresh Shrimp, Red Onions, Tomatoes in lime juice


Arepitas con Ropa Vieja (3) 12

Sweet Corn Cakes layered with Shredded Skirt Steak, Guacamole, Chorizo and Sour Cream

La Colombiana (3) 15

Angus Beef Sliders, Chorizo Topped with a Fried Egg on Pandebono*

Fondue de Cangrejo con Pandebono 18

Crab Meat Fondue with Pandebono*

Camarones Fritos 15

Crispy Shrimp Tossed in Bocaito’s Sweet and Sour Sauce with Mixed Greens Salad

Calamares Fritos 15

Fried Calamari and Marinara Sauce

Alitas de Pollo (10) 11

Crispy Chicken Wings, Optional Buffalo Sauce

Croquetas de Cangrejo 16

Crab Cakes Topped with Chipotle Aioli Sauce Served with Mixed Greens

Mofonguitos (3) 15

Fried plantain Pressed with Bits of Chicharrón* and Garlic Served with Shrimp and Enchilado Sauce

Empanaditas (3) 9

Beef/Chicken/Spinach and Cheese

Tostones* con Ropa Vieja* (12) 14

Crispy Fried Plantain Slices Topped with Shredded Skirt Steak, Guacamole and *Pico De Gallo

La Canoa 13

Deep Fried Sweet Plantain filled with your choice of *Ropa Vieja or Shrimp

Homemade Guacamole 10

Avocado Based Dip served with your choice of tortilla chips or plantain chips
Optional Tostones* 12

Chorizo (4) 10

Grilled or Fried Spanish Pork Sausage

vegetarian friendly

Pita Flatbread 14

Hummus Spread, Mushrooms, Baby Arugula, Bell Peppers, Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Tomato

Penne or Risotto 18

Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Asparagus, Mushroom Sautéed in White wine


Bocaito’s Burger 12

Premium Angus Beef served with Your Choice of Fries or Salad
Deluxe: Bacon & Cheese 16
Fried Egg 14

Bocaito’s Bandeja Tipica 22

Grilled Skirt Steak, Chicharrón*, Sweet Plantains, Fried Egg, Avocado with Rice and Beans

Churrasco 28

10 oz. Skirt Steak in a Demi-Glaze Sauce with your choice of Yucca Au Gratin* / Salad / French Fries

Chuleta 20

Savory Pork Chops in a Whiskey Apple Sauce Served with Sweet Potato Puree

Ribeye Steak 30

10 oz. Ribeye Steak in a Pomegranate Sauce Served with Sautéed Spinach and Mashed Potato

Pechuga Rellena 19

Chicken Breast Stuffed with Chorizo* and Maduro*
Served with Lentil Rice and Sautéed Spinach

Salmon a La Parrilla 20

Grilled Salmon in our Tropical Pineapple Sauce Served with Quinoa in Light Mascarpone Cheese

Bronzino 19

Mediterranean Seabass Fillet in a Caper Sauce with Lentil Rice and Sautéed Spinach

Paella a La Bocaito 28

Lobster, Shrimp, Octopus, Clams, Mussels in Latin Rice

Paella a La Valenciana 28

Chorizo, Chicken, Lobster, Clams, and Mussels in Latin Rice

Pargo Rojo 30

Whole Red Snapper filled with Coconut Rice, Shrimp and Mussels

Bassa al Ajillo 21

Basa Fish Fillet, Light Breaded in Coconut Flakes served with Chaufa* Rice and Topped with Shrimp in Enchilado* Sauce

Bocaito’s Platter 35

Great for parties of (4); Buffalo Wings, Buffalo Shrimp, Tostones, Arepas, Empanadas and Skirt Steak

Picada Colombiana 35

Great for parties of (4); Skirt Steak, Empanadas, Chorizo, Chicharrón*, Tostones and Arepas

sides 6

Yuca Au Gratin
Rice & Beans

French Fries
Truffle & Cheese Fries
Grilled Vegetables

Please tell your server about any food allergies as not all ingredients are listed on the menu

*18% gratuity will be added for parties of 5 and larger

brunch – Saturday & Sunday

12pm – 3pm $20
Optional Boozy Brunch $30

Unlimited Brunch Drinks During Brunch Hours

Please see our El Barrio Brunch Menu

Aji: Spicy Sauce
Chicharrón: Fried Pork Rinds
Pico De Gallo: Chopped Onions, Tomatoes and Cilantro
Tostones: Fried Plantain Chips
Ropa Vieja: Stewed Shredded Skirt Steak
Chaufa: Peruvian Fried Rice
Chorizo: Latin Pork Sausage
Maduro: Sweet Plantain
Enchilado Sauce: Creamy Tomato Sauce infused with Coconut milk